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Important Notice for Customers

Our company's Patakara series products adhere to providing consumers with high-quality, high-performance products, long-term cooperation with Japanese research institutions, continuous product revisions based on clinical results, and adhere to the only Japanese-made products based on the protection of consumer safety, the company has not authorized the manufacture of related products in other countries and regions.

Recently, Patakara counterfeit goods and similar counterfeit goods have appeared on the shopping website. In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and prevent consumers from buying fake goods of unknown origin, low quality and ineffectiveness, we appeal to Patakara users to pay attention and purchase from designated official channels or legally authorised agent sellers. This announcement is hereby made on the company's official website and official fan group to show respect and avoid unscrupulous manufacturers from harming the company's reputation.

If consumers buy products that are not legally authorised, they should find the seller responsible for any problems. Patakara official is not responsible for its related derivative purchases.

The former Russian agent of our company was unable to import our products due to the civil war. To protect the rights and interests of consumers in the country to use safe and efficient products, the company has suspended the Patakara agency of Russia on 5/5/22. In the future, all sales through that company have nothing to do with Patakara Co. and Actwell Technology Inc, so we will no longer provide any after-sales service and commodity consultation. The legal issues of infringement by that company is being handled by legal counsel.

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