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ALC Localized Lip Strength Checker

Why measure Lip Strength?

The lips are closely related to diet, swallowing, pronunciation and respiratory function. With the aging of the population, it has become common for many people to get sick.  Since the mouth is an important organ related to eating, talking and sometimes breathing, the strength and shape of the mouth opening and closing during clinical testing provide us with a lot of information.

The Charm of ALC

Since the related movements of the lips opening and closing are very complicated, therefore the lip closing strength measurement device not only measures the strength of the lips up and down but also needs to be able to measure the associated movement strength of complex movements when opening and closing the lips.

After various clinical tests, we have developed the ALC that can comprehensively measure the relative movement strength when the lips are opened and closed.

In addition, it is the only one that can measure the maximum and minimum strength on both sides of the lips simultaneously.

Compared with existing measuring device


The traditional measuring device cannot measure the strength associated with all movements when the lips are closed but only measures the strength of squeezing the lips up and down. And it is impossible to measure the maximum and minimum values on the left and right sides respectively.

The importance of measuring the strength on both sides of the lips

What can be achieved by checking the difference in the closing strength of the lips on both sides through the ALC with respective sensors on the left and right?

Since the lips move under the control of the cranial nerves, it is possible to know "the state of the brain"

If the left and right values are almost the same, then there should be no problem controlling the left and right brains.If the closing strength of the left and right lips is weak, it means that the "lip function" itself is weak, so it is necessary to perform lip stretching exercises to activate the lip function.It can also display the closing strength of the lips before and after rehabilitation to see if there is improvement.

Early detection of brain abnormalities


When there is a difference in the closing strength of the left and right lips, it may be an injury or a disease on one side of the brain, which may lead to paralysis of the function of the muscle tissue of the other side of the body. Even if it is a slight paralysis, the controlled area on the other side will be paralysed. If there is a difference in the strength of the left and right sides, it means there is a problem in the brain.

If the symptoms are not typical, they can easily be ignored but if you can compare the differences through the numbers, the development will be different. Since you can use numbers to explain the condition to patients and their families with confidence, you can gain the trust of patients and their families, which will affect future treatment.​


Discover hidden cerebral infarction


Hidden cerebral infarction has occurred and is so slight that it is unnoticeable, then you can be said to be lucky.

Depending on the severity of the cerebrovascular disease that occurs, there are severe cases to very mild ones. Just as the severity of the disease is different, the conditions of the physical dysfunction caused are also different. However, cerebral infarction has occurred. Most people do not understand medicine and many people who have hidden cerebral infarction are unaware of cerebrovascular disease. It is said that people who have had a cerebral infarction can easily have cerebral infarction again.

People who have had cerebral infarction but are unaware of the symptoms because of mild symptoms should always check the muscles on the left and right sides of the body for weakness to prevent cerebral infarction from occurring again.

The significance of discovering hidden cerebral infarction

People with hidden cerebral infarction do not even know that they have cerebral infarction, so naturally they will not take any measures against their own disease. Compared with ordinary people, the onset conditions are the same, so the possibility of recurrence is higher. Use ALC the lip closing strength measurement device to find people who may have hidden cerebral infarction from the nuances of left and right functions, and refer them to a specialist to prevent the recurrence of cerebral infarction.

Sharing medical information


Currently, medical and dental cooperation are prevalent. When the dentist requests a consultation from a specialist, the specialist can also apply for the medical fee called the "medical and dental information fee”. During the periodontal disease test using the same pressure, found potential diabetics, noticed the slight difference in lip strength on both sides when helping patients to check their lip closing strength, found patients with hidden cerebrovascular disease, and referred them to the specialist. Or the opposite, specialist referred the patient to see the dentist. It goes without saying that for a specific disease, if the lifestyle does not change, the disease can easily recur. There is no doubt that if the lifestyle is similar, the same disease will occur again. Treating the last episode as mild is a matter of luck and efforts need to be made to rule out the possibility of a relapse next time.

Typical sequelae of cerebral infarction


Even if an experienced dentist encounters it by accident, it is difficult to find problems such as "drooling when eating", "choke when eating", "swallowing becomes worse", "unclear speech", etc. And before being discovered by people around you, "brain aging" and "sequelae of recessive cerebrovascular disease" are also difficult to find. However, it only takes a few minutes to check whether there is a difference in the closing strength of the left and right lips, and it is easy to find the problem. If there is a difference in the closing strength between the left and right lips, then cerebral infarction may have occurred in the past. Patients with this condition should avoid the recurrence of the disease and they should go to a physician for a brain examination.

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