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Acute Pneumonia

The increasing of oral muscle strength from using Patakara allows the mouth to be closed tightly while sleeping. This way, the oral muscle will have definite tension. At the same time, the hyoid and throat inside the oral cavity will maintain at the upper front. Therefore, the opening of the esophagus will open slightly. This way, the dirty saliva flown down from the upper part of the pharynx will flow to the esophagus and not flow to the trachea. This way, it can prevent aspiration pneumonia from occurring while sleeping.

It is generally believed that aspiration pneumonia only occurs when eating. In fact, the teeth is unable to clean up to bacteria adhered near the throat while sleeping, and so will flow to the esophagus with saliva. However, when the mouth is open, the esophagus will close together. Saliva with bacteria will flow into the respiratory tract causing pneumonia. This is why sometimes coughing suddenly occurs while sleeping.

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