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Brain stroke patients discovered that Patakara helps improve Asthma

After having used Patakara myself and by many patients, I came to a conclusion as to why there is no recurrence. Weak lip closing strength causes oral breathing while sleeping and is also one of the reasons that cause asthma attacks.

I initially did not know that Patakara exercise could help improve the trachea. It was not until one day, a stroke patient who uses Patakara came for his rehabilitation told me: "Recently I do not have any more asthma attacks. Patakara exercise is too good." At the time, I thought that it was a coincidence! As I have also been an asthma sufferer for a long time, I began to use Patakara immediately. At the time, it was November of the previous year when my asthma attacks started. For the past 20 years, I have always had asthma attacks during Winter but my asthma attack did not occur the Winter of that year. Since then, my asthma disappeared just like that and has no longer emerged. After that, I began to introduce Patakara to asthma patients to use and everyone's asthma improved. Many of them had asthma since childhood so some people began to learn swimming since childhood, in order to improve their asthma and swam every day hoping to increase their resistance. Yet, their asthma attacks continued until the using of Patakara improved their conditions.

What is Asthma?

Normal lung function: when you inhale air, it enters the nasal and oral cavity, and then it enters the lung through the throat and trachea. The bronchial tree forms lungs and the bronchus and lung muscles are circled together. The mucus layer in the bronchi produces mucus. This type of mucus can remove some of the stimulus that we inhale. Due to the stimulating of stimulus, it causes asthma patients to suffer from airway inflammation frequently. The result of inflammation causes the increase of mucus secretion, the airway's muscle becomes contracted causing the airway to be narrow, and the entering and exiting in the amount of air decreases resulting in breathing difficulty or not being able to breathe.

Frequent symptoms of Asthma patients

Intermittent dyspnea, asthma song, tight chest and cough attacks occur particularly at night or early in the morning.

The reason Patakara can improve Asthma

The human bronchial and lung mucosa are tissues that are very sensitive to dryness but the inhalation of cold air causes inflammation. When nasal breathing, the air inhaled into the nasal cavity will be heated and humidified, and bacteria will be filtered before air enters the body. This way, it conforms to the bronchial environment but when oral breathing, the above-mentioned nasal cavity function will not be able to exert, the dry and dirty cold air will enter directly into the body through the mouth, and the bronchial irritation causes contraction, which triggers asthma.

No wonder asthma attacks are more likely to occur when the air is drier. However, by doing Patakara exercise to enhance lip closing strength, it allows for the maintaining of nasal breathing while sleeping, so the air inhaled conforms to the wet and warm environment of the bronchus, which will not stimulate the bronchial and there will not be any more asthma attacks. People who suffer from asthma, please note whether or not you nasal breathe while sleeping. If you do nasal breathe, please be sure to use Patakara immediately.

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