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  before and after  

English translation from Japanese experiment


The (y) to the left of the graph in above figure represent lip closing strength, the following text (X) represent time. The above figure shows that with the use of Patakara time increased and lip closing strength also gradually increased. When lip closing strength maintains steadily at a certain intensity, improvement also appears.

59 year old Male


Right cerebral infarction, Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Paralysis on left upper and lower limb.

Original Disease Files: high blood pressure, sleep apnea.

Circumstances in increase of lip closing strength and oral function, changes in symptoms:

First Visit: corner of the mouth on the left side droops, drools, dysarthria, chewing disorder.

After 1 month: Very poor oral hygiene condition. In particular, tooth decay was found on the left side Periodontal disease.

After 3 months: Pronunciation became clear No longer drools.

After 4 months: No longer has a dry lip upon waking up.

After 5 months: Paralysis on the side (left side) of the tongue can exercise smoothly. Also speaks smoothly now. Facial expression became abundant, carries out training more actively After 6 months: Change hardness to harder training device, became very strenuous when using as elasticity is more powerful. After 7 months: Reduction in opening of mouth when sleeping, snoring improved significantly, lips and throat no longer feel dry when getting up, no longer has condition of influenza infection.

After 8 months:Chewing strength enhanced significantly, can already eat grilled chicken Discontinue of exercise temporarily due to illness.

After 9 months: Balance of dentures on left and right side became better, chewing became stronger and more stable.
After 10 months: Can play the harmonica.

After 11 months: Expression became more cheerful.

After 12 months: Facial muscles became more firm, corner of the mouth also went upwards close to horizontal position.

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