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Dermatitis, Dry Skin, and Palmoplantar Pustular Disease

  before and after  

Patakara exercise saved me from the extreme itching of Palmoplantar Pustular disease

Itching Craziness

It was 10 years ago when my left index finger grew a 1 mm itchy blister to my whole palm. My whole palm will itch and peel off when I scratch it. After having gone to dermatologist, I was diagnosed with palmoplantar pustular disease. The doctor said that this is a type of blister that will itch the palm and soles of your feet repeatedly on a periodic basis, and then peeling, which is a very difficult disease to treat.

Although it was slightly better after having applied adrenal cortex hormone cream, it deteriorated even more not long after. I went to see many dermatologists and the result was the same. This type of good and bad symptom kept repeating. Even 5 years ago, apart from my left palm, even the soles of both of my feet also started to grow blisters.

After that, I did not go to see the doctor anymore and bought cool ointment myself to use. After many times of itching and peeling recurrence, my left palm and the skin below my ankles started to crack and became thin, in which redness unlike human skin emerged. Even looking at it myself makes me feel disgusted. In order to prevent other people from seeing this, I even wear socks during extremely hot days. It was Heisi 12th year at the end of July when I read a testimonial in a magazine by a palmoplantar pustular disease patient who had improved by doing Patakara exericse. As I wanted to try it for myself, I went to the dental clinic mentioned in the magazine. The dentist said that I have throat inflammation due to oral breathing, as my lip closing strength is too weak. He wanted me to exercise my lip strength and after I have changed to nasal breathing, my hand and feet symptoms will improve.

I did Patakara exercise for 6 minutes each time according to what the dentist said. At first, my mouth completely did not have any strength so it was very difficult to close my mouth. My lip closing time gradually became longer and when my mouth gets tired, I take a break and pull the handle, and do the upwards and downwards, and left to right stretching movements, then I do the lip closing movement again. I normally put my Patakara in the kitchen and when I am cooking or watching T.V., I do Patakara exercise at the same time, 5-6 times a day.

After one month like this, the blisters on my left palm and the soles of both of my feet reduced. However, the itchiness level was 10 times more serious compared to before. It itched so much that I was about to go crazy, scratched till my fingers had tenosynovitis, and my hand and feet were covered in blood everywhere. However, I thought that perhaps it was a sign for turning for the better, so I did not give up continuing to use it. Fortunately, this strong itchiness eased after one week. From September onwards, I had fewer blisters, the degree of my itchiness became lighter and sometimes it also did not itch. Even the itching time period was longer and longer apart.

It was end of October in 2000, the blisters did not grow anymore and itchiness reduced. Even if it itches, the degree of itchiness is nothing compared to before and I practically did not have to scratch it. The skin of my feet and hands that I used to dare not look did not become red any more, and changed back to normal skin. Mentally, I became very relaxed and compared to the days before, it is like dreaming now. I happily thought to myself that [It must be God who guided Patakara exercise to me].

Dr. Akihiro's recommendations

Palmoplantar pustular disease considers tonsils as a pathogens nest and is one type of chronic tonsil infection. Oral breathing while sleeping is the reason for tonsils being invaded by pathogen. By doing Patakara exercise to exercise the muscles around the mouth and enhancing lip closing strength, oral breathing condition will improve. After no longer having throat inflammation, her skin condition improved. The activity of tonsils have a cycle time, wherein we coincided a poor period, so Ms. Ueda's symptoms deteriorated even more for a period of time but became better afterwards.

Palmoplantar Pustular disease recovery

Ms. L, Age: 30 years old

Symptons: Palmoplantar Pustular diease, Behcet's disease.

Ms. L had sensitive skin since she was young. Before using Patakara, her lip closing strength was 2.8N (standard is 7.0N). In addition to having palmoplantar pustular disease, she also suffered from Behcet's Disease. Within the first 3 months of use, she noticed that improvements to her health progresses slowly, but after 3 months, recovery becomes more stable. Her lip closing strength after 3 months was 5.49N.

Start of Patakara training.

After 10 days of Patakara training.

After 18 days of Patakara training.

After 3.5 months of Patakara training.

Start of Patakara training.

After 3.5 months of Patakara training.

Start of Patakara training.

After 3.5 months of Patakara training.

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