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English translation from Japanese experiment


The (y) to the left of the graph in above figure represent lip closing strength, the following text (X) represent time. The above figure shows that with the use of Patakara time increased and lip closing strength also gradually increased. When lip closing strength maintains steadily at a certain intensity, improvement also appears.

82 year old Female

Left cerebral infarction, paralysis on right upper and lower limb, flaccid paralysis.

Original Disease Files: high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia.

Circumstances in increase of lip closing strength and oral function, changes in symptoms:

First Visit: oral breathes when sleeping, weaker throat, no problem with articulation, actively carries out rehabilitation tasks.

After 1 month: No problem with upper teeth, has meal after installing dentures to left and right side of jaw, dry lips and mouth when getting up.

After 2 months: Change hardness of device to harder, continues training of 3 times a day.

After 3 months: Patient feels throat is no longer dry upon waking, also feels that inside of oral cavity has become moist, mouth closing strength also gradually increased.

After 4 months: Gradual increase in lip closing time, carries out rehabilitation tasks every day.

After 5 months: Installs strength strip onto training device to carry out training, loves to talk now, smooth pronunciation is observed.

After 6 months: Smiling frequency increased, extremely cheerful and more confident now, throat is healthier now, no longer gets a cold.

After 7 months: Starts carrying out official making of dentures, requests to eat rice, energetic every day.

After 8 months: Reduction in oral breathing when sleeping, no longer has saliva evaporation. No longer has a dry lip upon waking.

After 9 months: Pronunciation has become much better, and can be easily understood. Denture installation treatment also complete, chewing strength also enhanced significantly.

After 10 months: Continues carrying out of rehabilitation tasks according to own situation.

After 12 months: Facial muscles became firm, stability of dentures also became better.

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