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Oral Muscle Strength Exercise Can Effectively Enhance the Life Quality of Dementia Sufferers

Research Report Summary on the Use of Oral Strength Exercise within Nursing Homes

Publication Time: 17/10/2008

Publication Venue: National Health Insurance Community Medicine Society, Yokohama City, Japan

Researchers: Noriko Fukasawa et al.

Research Objective: Activate the oral and body functions of the elderly within nursing homes to improve their everyday self-care ability and enhance their quality of life.

Research Subject: 17 elderly people within Kishouen Nursing Home, 6 males and 11 females (obstacle level: level 5, from self-reliance ~ to needing care), aged 60~90 years old.

Research Method:
1. Do oral muscle strength exercise 3 times a day, 3 minutes each time.
2. Caregivers are responsible for recording the every day living situation of users.
3. Examination once a month (examination items: measure lip closing strength, saliva check, measure blood pressure, oxygen content, take photos).

Research Result:
The oral function of all participants improved.
A few of them who were close to not being able to get out of bed could get into their wheelchairs and move on their own.
Those people who were unable to self-manage their urine and who needed to wear diapers no longer needed diapers after use.

Those people who needed to take painkillers every day no longer needed painkillers after use.
Although the level of improvement varies among each individual, the health condition of all participants improved evidently.

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