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  before and after  

Before using Patakara

After using Patakara for 10 days!

Mrs Sakurai used Patakara in order to improve snoring and arrhythmia. In addition, snoring improved significantly and facial skin became firm.

After using Patakara for 6 months (Side View)

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Ms Y., 37 years old

After my father did Patakara exercise, his snoring improved and so I also started to do Patakara exercise for beauty effects. At first, I did the Patakara exercise twice per day but there was no effect. So I changed to doing the exercise 4 or 5 times per day. After 1 month, my friend asked me if I was on a diet. About half a year later, I felt full of energy when I got up in the morning, not really realising it and my problem of having serious dry hands in Winter was also solved.

Mr F., 55 years old

When I listened to my wife's tape recording of my snoring, I did not feel shocked. What shocked me the most was the fact that I have sleep apnea syndrome. Before I have my meal every day, I do the Patakara exercise for 15 minutes. Within two weeks time, my wife told me that my snoring had improved a lot. After using Patakara for 3 weeks, I lost 2 kg and other people told me that my face has become firm. Even now, my wife has started to do the Patakara exercise to make her face slim.

After using Patakara for 6 months (Portrait view)

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