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Dry Skin, Frequent Urination, Cold Hands and Feet

  before and after  

Mrs. T, 50 years old - 5th Feburary 2010


I started using Patakara in April 2009. At first, I did not feel that I had any problems but after having heard that the use of Patakara helps with blood circulation and anti-aging, I used it as a health care product and I feel that it is of great help to our health.

When I first started using it, I followed the method in the instruction manual and I use it conscientiously. I use it 4 times per day and for 5 minutes or more each time. About after 1 week, I started to feel that I sleep better, do not need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and that my problem of frequent urination was also gone.

Before using Patakara, if I drink more water or drinks at night, then I would have to go to the toilet at least 3-4 times throughout the night and it seriously affected my sleep quality. When I went to the hospital to do a specific check up, there was no problem at all. The doctor recommended me to drink less water at night but my case of frequent urination did not change and I had been constantly bothered by this problem over the past few years.

In Winter, my hands and feet are cold all the time and it is even more serious at night. The doctor said that it is due to poor blood circulation of the peripheral nerve and that I need to do more exercise but there was no effect. Since using Patakara about after 3 months, I realised that my blood circulation became better and that my hands and feet were no longer cold, my lips were no longer dry and would no longer peel, and after taking a shower my skin would no longer itch due to dryness.

Having continued to use Patakara after a period of time, I suddenly realised that my case of occasional palpitations were gone. When I used to stand to do things, my head would feel tight and my toes would also feel stiff after awhile but these conditions are now gone.

Therefore, I feel that using Patakara can improve a lot of problems at the same time without you being aware of it. It has helped with my health greatly and I now use it like brushing my teeth. I have to use it every day, 4 times per day and at least for 5 minutes each time. I look forward to it having other and better effects.

When I was first recommended Patakara, I had doubts about such an inconspicuous device and thought that I would definitely not be able to use it continuously. However, after using it for a period of time, the rhinitis that I suffered terribly from actually recovered. And since using Patakara, I no longer got colds.


I used to always have to get up many times at night but now I get up once at most and sometimes I do not get up at all. I can sleep really well now. My face also seems to have become more firm. I very much look forward to seeing what my face looks like after continuous use. In addition, my condition of sore shoulders also improved. My body as a whole got better and better.

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