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Atopic Dermatitis, Dry Skin and Oral Breathing

Atopic Dermatitis, Dry Skin and Oral Breathing


Professor Akikatsu Kataura of the Department of Otolaryngology from Sapporo Medical University in Japan pointed out in his paper that palmoplantar pustular disease and atopic dermatitis are caused by chronic tonsil infection.

The mucosa inside the throat forms a circle of lymphoid tissue called wilcoxon tissue ring through present adenoids, ear tube tonsils, jaw tonsils, tongue tonsils and so on. It can prevent bacteria from entering the mouth or nose and has the function of filtering virus penetrating into the body. Yet, the tonsil tissue, which has an immune function often gets infected by bacteria and viruses causing inflammation. When your breathing method is oral breathing, the dry and cold air from outside enters directly into your mouth, taking in a large amount of bacteria and viruses. When the tonsil tissue is unable to cope, it can cause inflammation. At first, it is acute tonsillitis but after chronic inflammation, the tonsils not only lose its defense function, instead, it is occupied by bacteria and becomes a lesion. The bacteria produced here follows blood and the lymphocyte to flow into the whole body, which becomes the material for forming dermis and lastly becomes epidermis, or becomes atopic dermatitis or dry skin.

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The reason for Atopic Dermatitis patients having bad breath


The result of bacterial growth is that there are white particles like common pus in the throat. For people with atopic dermatitis, their bad breathe comes from here.


250 Atopic Dermatitis treatment testimonials


The first atopic dermatitis patient that I treated successfully began to use Patakara in order to make her face slimmer. This young girl loves to be pretty. In order to make her face become smaller as quickly as possible, she put a lot of effort into doing the Patakara exercise. Apart from her face becoming small, it also accidentally successfully treated her long plagued atopic dermatitis. After that, many more atopic dermatitis patients followed.


The symptoms of these patients are like a stamp as everyone's closing lip strength is very small. Their feeding condition was that they feed on baby bottles, 3 months after having been given birth. Only a few of them drank breast milk but the mothers had the condition of having excessive milk. Within the following 1 and a half years, about 250 people with atopic dermatitis have come to my clinic. The common symptom of these people is oral breathing. Atopic dermatitis is when oral breathing, the dry and cold air from outside enters directly into the throat causing throat inflammation, which is caused by the decrease in the immune system.

Patients first need to enhance their lip closing strength in order to improve oral breathing. The target value of enhancing lip closing strength is male 17N and female 14N. The target looks very simple to achieve but in fact that is not the case. As it is generally believed that atopic dermatitis is triggered by some allergens, almost all of the patients began to filter diet since childhood. Therefore, during treatment, the development of their muscle tissue is very slow.


Adequate nutrition is the key to achieving effective muscle training. And so, prior to achieving the target value, I will ask them to try to take in high protein food and do Patakara exercise 6-8 times every day.


Improving atopic dermatitis requires time

When your lip closing strength enhances to closing of the mouth while sleeping at night, the bacteria inside the throat will not be able to continue to multiply. This way, bad breath will naturally disappear and itching should also improve at the same time. Afterwards about 1 month's time, when the uninfected dermis becomes epidermis, it is close to recovery. For adults, it takes about 3 months for the time it takes for atopic dermatitis symptoms to disappear having used Patakara from the start.


Interesting phenomenon


No matter how severe the symptoms of atopic dermatitis, as long as the patient puts in the effort to do Patakara exercise, the time required for improvement are almost the same.

Due to the effect of hormones, before and after menstrual period, the symptoms of atopic dermatitis seem to deteriorate. After seeing this, some people start to worry whether or not atopic dermatitis is going to relapse. In fact, this is a necessary process for recovery. Do not worry about it too much.

Re-applying steroids medicine causes the skin to leave behind wavy brown traces. It will disappear after 1 year of continuously maintaining nasal breathing while sleeping.

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