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Down Syndrome

Intelligence of child with Down Syndrome increased within half a year

A few days ago, two patients with down syndrome who had used Patakara for nearly one year (10 year old boy and 11 year old girl) paid me a visit. Their mother told me extremely happily that having used Patakara after half a year, both the boy and girl underwent an intelligence test. Prior to this, their test results did not improve at all but their results actually improved substantially this time.

The down syndrome doctor told them that it is almost impossible to improve their intelligence at this age (10 years old). There should be a problem with the value this time, so do not hold too many expectations. However, the mother said that she closely observes her children's movements every day. She observed that the degree of their demeanor recently is higher compared to before. Prior to undergoing the examination this time, she was extremely confident about the upgrading of the intelligence test results. When she saw the test results, she happily said: Oh! As expected.

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With the increase in the use of time, demeanor had changed

When little Y and little T first came to my clinic, one was 10 years old and one was 11 years old. Both of them had the unique characteristics of down syndrome, hyperactive and completely ignoring what others are saying. However, their use time increased with their continued use of Patakara. And so, their behavior gradually changed, they can wait in the waiting room quietly, will greet people they see and will also say thank you after their examination. At the same time, their expression, the condition inside their oral cavity and posture had also changed. What is particularly worth mentioning is that the things that interest them also changed. What interests Little T the most recently is playing deck cards with his parents and both of their intelligence had evidently increased.


Down syndrome is generally believed to be caused by chromosomal abnormalities, so it absolutely will not get better. Despite the parents of down syndrome children are completely different, they almost have the same characteristics such as same face, swollen tongue, opened dentition, dysphagia, dysarthria, thick neck, 3 year old intelligence and so on. After having given these children Patakara to use, the above-mentioned change that is generally believed to be impossible emerged, which caused me to have the following personal view regarding down syndrome.

Acquired effort can repair innate deficiency


Although the various functions of humans are higher than other mammals, when they are born, all aspects of their bodies are still in the state of hypoplasia. And due to chromosomal abnormalities, children with down syndrome are less complete compared to other children. The general development of children has like a domino effect and has the function of message development of continuing to relay one by one. Yet, the development of down syndrome children perhaps stopped at a barrier, so they are unable to produce the domino effect function. The factor for causing the stopping of relaying message, after the stimulating of the facial nerve dominant group muscles every day by using Patakara, one day it will restart the system of relaying message one by one.


Babies born a few months look very similar so when their development stops at the same stage, then everyone will look the same. From the above example of the two children, the use of Patakara produced the stimulation of facial nerve dominant muscle group, which opened the development message relay function that was stopped.


People's cells live and die repeatedly every day. Cells can be copied to be the same because during regeneration, there is an examination mechanism that prevents abnormal DNA to be copied and removes abnormal cells, only retaining normal ones. It is because of the continued operation of a health and body defense check function that our bodies can continue to maintain normal. If down syndrome causes our health and body defense check function to not operate smoothly due to chromosomal abnormalities, the stimulating of the facial nerve dominant group muscles every day by using Patakara easily helps generate the command for restarting message relay function.


I think that the idea of [Believing that because of chromosomal abnormalities, so it absolutely will not get better] is wrong. Although everyone is very much looking forward to [gene therapy] now, the medical era believes that as long as there is [gene therapy] then everything is solved. However, there are many people who are ill without having gene problems. That is because they forgot that apart from genes, the factors that cause the system not being able to operate are also a problem. Therefore, even if there is a problem with the genes, helping to form new biological compensation system and restore normal development message relay via continuous stimulation, then as the above-mentioned case, the re-development of intelligence is something to look forward to.

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