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The Extraordinary Story of Patakara

Dr Yoshiaki Akihiro - The inventor of Patakara

This is the extraordinary story of how Patakara came to be...

This inspirational idea all began from a typical day at the dental clinic. A patient who suffered from a stroke in the past wanted to see if he could resolve the paralysis of his mouth. The patient had visited me after already undertaking a 6 month rehabilitation program. Unfortunately his mouth had not completely recovered and so decided to look for a dentist to help him which happened to be me.

Although I'm an expert in dental health, stroke neurology is not an expertise of mine. While I was thinking about how I could resolve this problem, an excellent idea filled my mind; I could utilize my new buccal cavity viewer which could be placed in the patient's mouth to produce an open-close effect on the mouth. We observed interesting results by stretching the oral and facial muscles.

Before this happened, I was only an unknown dentist; but because of the visit from the patient and the use of the buccal cavity viewer, I have unexpectedly discovered the ways of improving oral health dramatically. From that day, I began to research about the relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body. I encountered many failures and challenges and was beginning to give up, but I decided to continue to perservere for the sake of improving the health of others and preventing diseases in the human body. This was the passion that lead to the development of Patakara. What everyone is holding in their hands now, is the result of an unexpected discovery, and the never-ending passion to cure a patient's problem.

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