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Temporomandibular Joint Arthritis

Bruxism and TMJ


The main cause of both symptoms is imbalance of facial expression muscles or weakness of the muscles. People who have imbalance of facial expression muscle often receive signals from brain to fix them out of alignment of face or occlusion by grinding their teeth. After strengthening facial expression muscles which are the cheek muscles from using the device the imbalance of muscles is gone and improvement is seen in both bruxism and TMJ.

Professor Shinichi Kita of Oral Surgery from Asahikawa Medical University used Patakara to treat patients of temporomandibular arthritis. The temporomandibular arthritis problem improved for 80% of the participants. Professor Shinichi believes that apart from being able to increase the facial muscles by using Patakara, improving the maintainence of balance of the autonomic nervous system is the key to improving temporomandibular arthritis.

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